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Counselling and Life Coaching

Face to face individual counselling for Children and Adults- from £45 per hour

One to one individual session, either as a home visit or at my counselling office.Sessions can be tailored to the individuals needs, the client remains in control of how often they feel they would like sessions and for the duration of the course of counselling support. Sessions will be reduced gradually when the time is right to provide a safe and supportive ending.

Face to Face counselling for relationship issues- from £55 per hour

Face to face sessions for those in a relationship with issues, whether this is as a couple or issues between siblings, parents and children etc. 

An opportunity for both parties to be able to discuss and move forward in their relationship in a calm and controlled setting.   please note that both parties must be agreeable to the counselling process.

on line , zoom  or telephone sessions £45.00 per hour 

Telephone sessions are available to those who may prefer this type of contact and works in the same way as face to face in that these are confidential and are tailored to provide support as longer as the client requires counselling therapy. Calls can be arranged at a mutually convenient time including out of normal office hours to fit in around work commitments.

Life Coaching- from £45 per hour

Unlike counselling therapy, life coaching focuses on the clients present situation and the requirement of goals they would like to achieve. Working together we will devise an accountable plan that will allow the client to feel more fulfilled and empowered with their life.

walk and talk sessions £45.00 per hour

Some clients find it difficult to chat face to face or can have huge anxieties using the telephone, this is where we can meet up and walk leisurely (or briskly!) in the great outdoors whilst chatting over issues of concern. Sessions can be arranged to suit as often as required at a mutually convenient meeting spot.

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